GoundedRopez & Xander

They/them & He/him

Groundedropez provides a rope experience that functions as an active space for healing and allows one to reclaim power in body. Groundedropez incorporates elements of nature in their work and believes this work to be ROOT work. Groundedropez centers their work around Black/Brown bodies and is inclusive to all genders. Groundedropez is founded by Sur a Black Trans-Nonbinary individual with a true passion to help others in their healing processes that represent their community.
Blane & Lotus RopeWolf

She/her & He/him

Lotus RopeWolf and Blane are romantic partners who love BDSM so much they came together to teach. Their relationship includes BDSM (D/S dynamics) and ethical non-monogamy. Together they use their skills and experience to make information accessible to kinksters at every stage of their journey. Working as collaborators has allowed them to grow in love and laughter as they share. Lotus RopeWolf and Blane currently reside in New York.

Mistress Urban Kinkster


Mistress Urban Kinkster from Chicago Illinois! I have been an alternative lifestyler for 15 years helping educate our Urban brothers and sisters importance of self exploration. Self exploration through self awareness, emotional communication and BDSM!

Kat Blk


Kat Blk is a queer masochistic rope bottom and self suspender. with almost a decade in the lifestyle. Kat has honed in on focusing on education for bipoc bottoms in the kink/rope scene.

Shattered Pulse & Shibariafrokink

She/her & They/them

ShatteredPulse a.k.a Panda (she/her) is a rope bondage artist, teacher and performer from Houston, Texas. She is one of the Co-Leaders of BIGHT (Bondage In Greater Houston Texas), a local group dedicated to bondage education. In addition to teaching within her community, she has presented and performed for audiences across the country at events like Bound in Boston, Rope in the Rockies, RopeCraft and TieHaus. ShatteredPulse is passionate about sharing and nerding-out about rope bondage with anyone who enjoys it, beginners and experienced people alike.

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Miss Reemah & Lavender

She /her & She/her

Ms. Reemah is a queer woman of color from Atlanta. She has been a part of the kink community since 2017. Ms. Reemah is of the sisterhood Black Femme Dommes (BFD)-Atlanta, and one of the organizers for Rope Bite Atlanta. Anything that inflicts (consensual) pain and suffering will please this Sadist. Ms. Reemah is passionate about teaching, mentoring, advocating for the LGBTQ community and POCs, and developing/maintaining healthy relationships.
Lavender walked into her first munch three years ago with her best friend and the rest was history. Lavender enjoys seeing how her pole skills can be incorporated in ropes while encouraging and connecting resource for other POC who are curious about rope bondage.

2021-04-08 - Rope Room.jpeg


Anansi first attended a shibari class in early 2018. Within a year of attending, she was asked to be an instructor, and she developed a curriculum that shifted the focus from strictly technical to be more inclusive and people oriented. She taught not just rope skills, but theory, consent, negotiation, after care, and most importantly, connection. Her method developed a sense of accessibility and safety for all. She has continued to grow over this last year, despite the pandemic, with self-tying and suspension, a skillset she’ll be sharing with you!

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  • Johanna
Godlys Knot Dead & Johanna

He/him & She/her

Hey there! My name is Godly. I'm a rope top based in Virgina. I'm a Jiujitsu practitioner, metal head, and a lover of old skool rope bondage. I take alot of my inspirations from DocVal & but my rope style emphases on tying what I feel vs creating a specific emotion/mood. I'm a troll on social media & you can always catch me acting a fool.

Primal Lion & _Lotus93

He/him & She/her/fairy

Divine Masculine using ropes as the meditative state to connect Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to their Divine Oneness | Where intention goes, energy flows

Mx. Pucks A'Plenty

They/them/YAS Queen

Mx. Pucks A’Plenty is the Director of Junk in da Trunk, the Michelle Obama of Burlesque, and Seattle’s Own Mxtress of Thiccness! Pucks is the founder and co-producer behind What the Funk?! An All POC Burlesque Festival. The Femme Daddy that your mother should have warned you about, Pucks is not only a performer and a producer, but stage manager and themcee.

You may have seen them in VHOF (Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame) this past August. They have performed in several festivals as well including the Buxom Blaze Burlesque Festival, Savannah Burlesque Festival, FIERCE! Queer Performing Arts Festival, Edmonton Burlesque Festival, They/Them Festival, Disabilitease Festival as well as performed in The Body Political in San Francisco and as a guest performer with Bless Your Heart Burlesque in San Diego and Gritty City Sirens of Tacoma. They are also the current Mx. Congeniality of the 2019 Savannah Burlesque Festival.

When they aren’t burlesquin’, Pucks is a sex educator and activist. You can catch them on Instagram under @_sexuali.tea_ as co-host to an intersectional sex education podcast with a mission to ‘queer up’ sex ed! They also run the FemDom lifestyle group Diadem-Events which features play parties, workshops, high protocol teas, and socials. They have taught at Leather Reign, Virtual Intimacy Retreat, The Gathering NW, the BDSM Writers' Con, and KinkFest.

“The They/Them/Yas Queen of Burlesque” is Mx. Pucks A’Plenty and they have #nopucksgiven.