Event Rules

Attendees MUST be 18+ and older.

Refrain from soliciting Direct Messages in Zoom chats and Discord.


Keep yourself muted when not speaking in Zoom rooms.


Please make sure your Zoom ID is the name you want others to be able to see and PLEASE add your pronouns in your ID name.

There is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY, when it comes to -ISMs, –PHOBIAs, & disrespect. Attendees found in violation of this policy will have their access to the event restricted or completely taken away.


Respect pronouns. Respect our presenters and their knowledge. Respect the space that was created and the intention of each workshop. Respect yourself. Respect the performers and artists. Respect the vulnerability. Respect the community.


Each Workshop and Room will have a trained room moderator. They have the power to remove attendees from a room for any disrespectful behavior at their discretion. The moderators then report back to the event production team and a decision is made as to whether they will be removed from the entire event, or if a timeout was all that was needed.


If you need to report any incidents of disrespectful behavior towards yourself or ANYONE, attendees, presenters, panelist, moderators, and/or event staff, please email Madame Posh directly at madameposh17@gmail.com anytime during the event.

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